Tether the dog

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Plenipotentiary Parcheesi Pathos Random strings of jumbleness hidden away toys of summer remember when 21 years was old going out to the beach with salty salty sand wondering what to do now course, things are zipping along, they always do quiet and uptight, and quite uptight let’s go to the top of the hub feeling… Read more »

The US F-1 Visa Interview

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Here’s a different take on the myriad visa interview guides. —- Naturally, most of this guide is only valid for Indian students, but I 
do believe that the interview questions should be pretty much 
universal, hm? Right, with that done, let’s begin. I’ve divided this into three sections – Before you get your Sevis/I-20 
and… Read more »

Imagination is overrated…

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… and slow over rates make for useless cricket. Therefore, imagination isn’t quite cricket, is it now? So, taking that further, to be a good cricketer, you should have no imagination. Or am I just imagining things? Hmm.. So, since we have established that over rates are overrated (or was that imagination), lets move on…. Read more »

Discovering radio all over again.

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It’s 1 AM, and I’m trying to sleep, but for one reason or another, I’m not being able to. So I decide to fiddle about with my new phone. Pressing random buttons leads me to the radio application, and what do I hear? The Beatles! that’s what. And anyone who knows me knows that I… Read more »

Read my mind.

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From exercises for my knee, to watching Nadal make it 81-0 on clay, to listening to the Killers, and eating bacon and eggs and wishing I was alright so I could go play tennis or football, or anything at all. Another one of those three star days when you feel like sleeping all day. The… Read more »

Back from Delhi

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So I was in the capital over the weekend. Went for a competition. Didn’t exactly cover myself in glory, only managed to reach the semi-finals. Oh well, all things considered, wasn’t that bad either. Anyway, I was chilling with my brother and sis-in-law, and boy o boy, they are too bloody cute. Almost like  stuffed… Read more »

Bored of Being Bored

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Sitting here, with my head in a bag, wondering all about that old gag, you know, about feathers and chickens and headless horsemen. Fedora core installation failed. “unable to read package metadata”. New burning horizons and old dvd, in the back of musty cupboards. All waiting to be found and foil SPECTRE’s plans of world… Read more »

Exams over.

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My exams are over. Finally. They weren’t too bad, but I’m damm glad they’re over. The time has come to go home now, and I am SO looking forward to that. The only problem is transporting all my stuff. I have no clue how I’m going to do this. It’s amazing how much junk you… Read more »

Photos Galore!

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I setup a photo gallery with some random photos. You can check it out at www.adityanag.com/album